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Underbarrow and Bradleyfield Parish Council


Welcome to the Underbarrow and Bradleyfield Parish Council website. The one stop site for all meeting details and parish news. Here you can find important information, details of meetings, including agendas, cash and budget statements. Minutes of previous meetings, annual accounts and also planning news.

There is a new look to the site. This is to help the council comply with the upcoming accessibility regulations which come into force later this year. The council has taken all effort to comply fully with these regulations. If you have any issues please let us know and we shall endeavour to correct the problem.

If you wish to have something added to the website then please contact the Parish Clerk.

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This site was last updated on 01/12/2023





The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place




The Underbarrow Institute



Thursday 7th December 2023



Starting at 7.00pm.

The Trustees of the Poor’s Allotment Charity will meet at 6.30pm in order to make the annual distribution.

This will be the precept meeting

Members of the public are invited to attend and an opportunity will be given for questions and comments to be addressed to the Council


Any issues please contact The Clerk, Kevin M Price.



To download the Agenda for this meeting click here


To download the Budget Statement for this meeting click here


To download the Cash Statement for this meeting click here


Cost of living Crisis

To download the Cost of Living Crisis Household Booklet please


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A view of the institute in Underbarrow

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View of The Black Labrador

 Courtesy of Shepherd Aerial

View of Underbarrow

Courtesy of Shepherd Aerial

Contact: Parish Clerk - Kevin M Price 07712 430932

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